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Marlene Dietrich / Portrait photo / 1930
Dietrich, Marlene Screen actress and singer,
Berlin 27.12.1901 – Paris 6.5.1992.
– Role in “Der blaue Engel” –
Portrait photo, 1930.
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Marlene Dietrich (1901 - 1992)
December 27, 2026 - 125th birthday

Born on 27 December 1901 as Maria Magdalena von Losch in Berlin, she managed to become an international film star in 1930 in the role of variety singer 'Lola-Lola', the lead role in the film 'The Blue Angel (Der blaue Engel)' by director Josef von Sternberg, who went to Hollywood in the early 1930s.

After becoming an American citizen in 1939, she became politically active against Hitler's Germany and joined US soldiers in 1943 as part of troop management.