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Friedrich Ebert / Paint. by Marx / 1922
Ebert, Friedrich; politician (SPD).
Chancellor of Germany (1918/19), President of Germany (1919–25); Heidelberg
4.2.1871 – Berlin 28.2.1925.
– Portrait.

Friedrich Ebert, homme politique, SPD, Allemagne
Friedrich Ebert – homme politique, SPD, Allemagne
Friedrich Ebert en tant que conférencier
Friedrich Ebert à son bureau
Empire allemand, République de Weimar
Friedrich Ebert – homme politique, SPD, Allemagne
Friedrich Ebert, homme politique, SPD, Allemagne
Ebert et autres au thé de l’après-midi
Friedrich Ebert, service funèbre
Le lieu de naissance d’Ebert avec des bijoux de deuil
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Friedrich Ebert (1871 - 1925)
4th February 2021 - 150 Birthday.
28th February 2025 - 100 years since his death.

Friedrich Ebert, 1871 – 1925,
German politician of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) and President of Germany from 1919 until his death in office in 1925.

Ebert was a pivotal figure in the German Revolution of 1918–19. When Germany became a republic at the end of World War I, he became its first chancellor. His policies at that time were primarily aimed at restoring peace and order in Germany and containing the more extreme elements of the revolutionary left. In order to accomplish these goals, he allied himself with conservative and nationalistic political forces, in particular the leadership of the military under General Wilhelm Groener and the right wing Freikorps. With their help, Ebert's government crushed a number of socialist and communist uprisings as well as such from the right, including the Kapp Putsch. This has made him a controversial historical figure.