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AEG Steam Turbine / Photo / 1935
Technology / Industry:
Mechanical Engineering.

Steam turbine (35000 kilowatt, with a power generator for 1800 rotations per minute), manufactured at the AEG turbine...
Industrial landscape with workers
Unter den Linden (Rainy Mood)
Adler typewriter
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Industry, Technology and Economy, 1923 - 1929
Economic Recovery.

After the introduction of the Dawes plan in 1924, which controlled hyperinflation, the economy of the Weimar Republic began to recover.
Overall industrial production and trade increased, unemployment fell and social reforms were implemented. However, these did not relieve the underlying weaknesses of Weimar, but only gave the appearance of a stable democracy.

At the same time, there were many spectacular inventions, the first manned rocket airplane, the largest passenger aircraft, the fastest ship and innovative developments in the railway sector.

Scientists of the Weimar Republic were also able to make fundamental contributions to their fields and every third scientific Nobel Prize was awarded to them in the period 1919-1933.