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Max Skladanowsky with Bioscope / 1933
Skladanowsky, Max; German invetor (his 1895 Bioscope was one of the forerunners of moving film, first shown on 1.11.1895).
Berlin 30.4.1863 – ibid. 30.11.1939.

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November 2019 - 80 Years since the Death of Max Skladanowsky
30th November 2019 - 80 years since the death of Max Skladanowsky.

Max Skladanowsky, 30th April 1863 – 30th November 1939,
German inventor and early filmmaker. Along with his brother Emil, he invented the Bioscop, an early movie projector the Skladanowsky brothers used to display the first moving picture show to a paying audience on 1st November 1895, just before the 28th December 1895 public debut of the Lumière Brothers' Cinématographe in Paris.