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Dr. August Oetker / Photo vers 1915
Oetker, August pharmacien (fonda en 1891 la société Dr. August Oetker Nährmittelfabrik GmbH, Bielefeld, pour la production de levure en poudre, puddings, etc).
Still Life with Cake
Still Life with Cake, Lemon, Strawberries, and Glass
Backe, backe Kuchen, der Bäcker hat gerufen (…)
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The invention of baking powder is attributed both to Justus von Liebig and Eben Norton Horsford, one of his students. It has been proven that they both experimented in this field. Horsford applied for a patent on the baking powder formulation in 1856.
Initially, the new chemical stimulant was only used in bakeries and in the food industry.
The Secession War (1861-1865) in America brought an enormous demand for baking powder.

The success of baking powder in Germany finally began with August Oetker, who bought the Aschoff pharmacy in Bielefeld in 1891 and sold baking powder in small portions that were more suitable for private households. He advertised the use for private baking of cakes in contrast to the previous use in bakeries for baking bread. From 1893 onwards he filled his baking powder 'Backin' and in 1898 he went into mass production. On 21 September 1903, he patented the process for the production of 'Backin', which is still in use today.

Dr. August Oetker founded a company empire around baking; he died on January 10,1918.