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Fondations de colonies anglaises en Amérique du Nord / Le “Mayflower” emmène les colons ou pélerins (The Pilgrim Vaters) vers la Nouvelle-Angleterre,
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Pilgrims Going to Church
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Pilgrim Fathers
The history of the colonisation of the later United States of America is inextricably linked with that of the Pilgrim Fathers. The "Pilgrim Fathers" had completely renounced the Church of England and were persecuted for their radical views in England. In 1620, a group on the "Mayflower" sailed across the Atlantic and landed in November 1620 near Cape Cod. There they founded, with the help and support of the indigenous people of the Wampanoag tribe, the Plymouth colony.

Although the Pilgrim Fathers were not the first settlers in the New World, they have a special role to play. Thus, the so-called Mayflower Compact, a contract that codifies the coexistence of pilgrims under a bourgeois government on a majority basis, as the earliest document of American democracy. This peaceful coexistence, however, quickly came to an end after the colony strengthened. The history of America's colonisation is at the same time the story of the expulsion, extermination and discrimination of the indigenous peoples of the continent.

The peaceful cooperation of the first years with the Wampanoag, however, established the tradition of the Thanksgiving festival. Thanksgiving is one of the most important family celebrations in the United States today.