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WW2 / Battle for Danzig 1945 / Refugees
World War Two / Eastern Front:
Battle for Danzig, March 1945:
The Red Army breas through on 23 March
1945, at Zoppot, Danzig and Gdingen on the Baltic. German troops...
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1945 - Flight and displacement
The Second World War caused an unprecedented stream of refugees within Europe. Propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels had called for "total war" on 18 February 1943: the survival or destruction of the German nation. His speech which had been rapturously received was one further step towards political manipulation which was to have horrendous consequences. Goebbels' speech ended with the words "The Führer commands and we follow ... Now people, rise up and a storm will be unleashed!"

We reap what we sow and by the end of the war, millions of Germans were uprooted, traumatised, robbed, raped or killed.

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