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Opium / Reispapieralbum
Pharmazie / Drogen:
– Chinesisches Reispapieralbum mit 12
Aquarellen zum Thema Opium, 2. Hälfte: Einband.
19. Jh.
Berlin, Sammlung Archiv für Kunst und Geschichte....
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China - Album of Rice Paper Paintings
We present to you a very curious gem from the akg-images archive: an album of rice paper paintings that symbolises the confluence of East and West; both through its medium and through its subject matter. The opium trade greatly influenced relations between China and Great Britain for much of the 19th century.

Albums of rice paper paintings of this type were produced in China in the second half of the 19th century. Traditionally they consisted of twelve paintings each. This particular album from our collection is made from a silk fabric with floral patterns bound in green, yellow, read and blue. The watercolour paintings on rice paper have been mounted onto the album pages using pale blue silk ribbon. A red Chinese stamp identifies the manufacturer, "YUNGQUA / DEALER IN / PICTURES / CHARTS &C", known to have been one of the most prolific workshops of the era in Canton (Guangzhou). These illustrations depicting daily life in China were produced for Western buyers.

The interior of the album cover features the book-plate (ex libris) of Richard Martin Baxter with the handwritten notes "119" and "Birmingham 1944". In a circle around his name and initials Baxter has listed his personal interests: "BOOKS - MUSIC - GOOD FOOD - WINE - CONVERSATION".

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