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Erich Lessing; Photographer.
Vienna 13.07.1923 – Vienna 28.08.2018.

Erich Lessing in front of his photo gallery in the center of Vienna.

Photo, 2012.
Photo © Philipp...
Portrait du photographe Erich Lessing / 2013
Portrait du photographe Erich Lessing / 2014
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Erich Lessing
We at akg-images have represented Erich Lessing since the late eighties and never tire of his photographs. There is always something new to discover: whether in his unique way of photographing a Greek vase painting so plastic or a little detail never noticed in his reportage photos.
Erich Lessing is famous for his life's work and is honoured with many awards. His charismatic personality will be remembered forever by anyone who has ever met him.
Now Erich Lessing, one of the photographers of the century, has died in Vienna on 28 August 2018 at the age of 95. We will miss him and his "gifted eyes" very much