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Self portrait with blue sky
Self portrait with blue sky
Self portrait with blue sky
Munch, Edvard Norwegian painter and graphic artist,
Loten 12.12.1863 – on Ekely 23.1.1944.

“Self portrait with blue sky”, 1908.

Oil on canvas, 59.5 × 80cm.
Clair de lune sur la plage
Le Cri
The Kiss
Le bouleau dans la neige
The Beast
Woman in a red dress (street in Åsgårdstrand)
Summer Night
Paysage d’hiver
The artist and his model II. Jealousy
Ouvriers de chantier dans la neige. Briquerie
Bohème à Oslo II
Femme à trois stades
Still Life with Pumpkin
Maison rouge et sapins II
Young Woman Crying Next to Bed
Apple Tree in the Garden
Two Women on the Beach
Man in Cabbage Field
The Haymaker
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Edvard Munch (1863 - 1944)
The Norwegian painter and graphic artist Edvard Munch began to study architecture but gave up after only one year to become a painter.
Influenced by traumas and losses in his childhood, Munch creates a uniquely expressive and symbolic style of art to express his fears.
Munch returned to Norway in 1909 after stays in Germany and France where he dies in 1944 on his estate Ekely.