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Hopper, Edward,
1882 - 1967,
American painter.

"Self-portrait", 1925–1930.

Oil on canvas, 64.1 x 52.4 cm.

Inv. no. 70.1165

New York, Whitney Museum of American...
Hotel Room
Railroad Sunset
House by the Railroad
Morning Sun
Edward Hopper, "A Woman in the Sun" / Huile sur toile, 1961
Summer Interior
Eleven A.M.
City Sunlight
Cape Cod Morning
Hotel Window
Conference at Night
Office in a Small City
"South Carolina Morning"
Room in New York
Night Windows
Drug Store
New York Office
Two Lights Village
Cape Cod Sunset
Cape Cod Evening
French Six-Day Bicycle Rider
New York Interior
Steps in Paris
Two Puritans
Burly Cobb’s House, South Truro
Hills, South Truro
Second Story Sunlight
Pennsylvania Coal Town
Office at Night
Le Bistro or The Wine Shop
Haunted House
Williamsburg Bridge
First Row Orchestra
Tall Masts
Roofs at Washington Square
Hotel Lobby
New York Movie
High Road
Solitary Figure in a Theatre
View Across Interior Courtyard at 48 rue de Lille, Paris
Interior Courtyard at 48 rue de Lille, Paris
La côte en Oregon
Two on the Aisle
Dawn in Pennsylvania
Railroad Crossing
Italien Quarter, Gloucester
House by a Road
New York Pavements
Stairway at 48 rue de Lille, Paris
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Edward Hopper (1882 - 1967)
22. Juli 2022 - 145. Geburtstag
15. Mai 2027 - 60. Todestag

Hopper war einer der wichtigsten Vertreter des amerikanischen Realismus und gilt als der Chronist der amerikanischen Zivilisation.