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The Crystal Palace
The Crystal Palace
The Crystal Palace
Crystal Palace
(built for the World Fair 1851 in Hyde Park by Joseph Paxton; rebuilt 1852/54 in Sydenham).

“The Crystal Palace”.

Steel engraving, untitled,...
Exposition de Londres / Produits de l’industrie universelle
Vue officielle à vol d’oiseau de l’exposition universelle d
Entrée de l’Exposition universelle de 1889
Auditions du Phonographe à la Galerie des Machines
World’s Fair in Chicago in 1893
Exposition de Chicago / Pavillon du gouvernement
The Great Derrick
L’Exposition de Paris 1900
Brussels World's Fair 1910
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Milan Expo 2015
From 1 May to 31 October 2015 the World Expo in Milan will take place. The motto "Feeding the planet - Energy for life" draws attention to a big global problem and the right of all people on sufficient and healthy food .

We show you a brief history of previous World Expos with its scientific, cultural and technical innovations and attractions, starting with the first one in 1851 in London.