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Attack and Capture of Chuenpee, near Canton
Attack and Capture of Chuenpee, near Canton
Attack and Capture of Chuenpee, near Canton
Guerre de l’opium (1840–42 entre la Grande-Bretagne et la Chine en raison de l’interdiction de l’importation d’opium décidée par La Chine).

“Attack and Capture...
Capture of Tinghai, Chusan
Entrance to Chinchew River, Fokien
Joss House, Chapoo (Death of Col. Tomlinson)
Cat Merchants and Tea Dealers at Tong-Chow (The Port of Peking)
Punishment of the Tcha or Cangue, Tinghai
H.M.Ships Imogen and Andromache passing the Batteries of the Bocca Tigris
Rice-Sellers at the Military Station of Ton-Changfoo
Alimentation des vers et triage des cocons
Pavilion et jardin d’un mandarin près de Pékin
Altarpiece in the Yun Stzoo-Stzee Temple, Ting-hai
British Encampment on Irgao-Shan, Chusan
Loading Teajunks at Tseentang / Das Laden der Tee Böte zu Tseentang
The culture and preparation of Tea
Temple of Buddha, Canton
Raree-Show at Lin-Sin-Choo
Appartement in a Mandarin’s House near Nanking
An Itinerant Doctor at Tiensing
Pavilion and Gardens of a Mandarin near Peking
Rice-Sellers at the Military Station of Ton-Chang-foo
Drying and Winding Silk / Färben und Haspeln der Seide
Marriage Procession at the Blue-Cloud Creek, Chin-keang-foo / Feierlicher Auf– zug bei einer Hochzeit.
Festival of the Dragon-Boat, 5th Day of 5th Moon / Fest des Drachenboots 5ten Tag des 5ten Monats
Propitiatory Offerings for departed Relatives / Versöhnungsopfer für hingeschiedene Verwandte
Chinese Boatman economizing Time & Labour, Poo-kow
Appartement in a Mandarin’s House near Nanking
An Itinerant Doctor at Tiensing
Dinner Party at a Mandarin’s House
Boudoir and Bed-chamber of a Lady of rank / Toiletten– und Schlafzimmer einer vornehmen Dame
Jugglers exhibiting in the Court of a Mandarin’s Palace / Prestidigitateurs à la cour d’un mandarin
Entrance into the City of Amoy
Showroom of a Lantern Merchant at Peking. / Musterzimmer eines Laternenhändlers in Peking
City of Ningpo from the River
The Fountain Court in Conseequa’s House, Canton
House of Conseequa, a Chinese Mer– chant, in the Suburbs of Canton
House of a Chinese Merchant, near Canton
The Feast of Lanterns
The Tungting-Shan
The Imperial Travelling Palace at the Hookewshan
Tseih-Sing-Yen, or The seven star Mountains
Pavilion of the Star of Hope, Teng– Chouw
City of Amoy, from the Tombs / Stadt Amoy, von den Grabmälern gesehen
Silk Farms at Hoo-Chow / Seiden Pachtgut zu Hoo-Chow
The Bridge of Nanking / Die Brücke zu Nanking
Amoy, from Kolongsoo / Amoy, von Kolongsoo gesehen
Nanking from the Porcelain Tower / Nanking, von dem Porzellan-Turm ge– sehen
Arrival of Marriage Presents at the bridal residence / Ankunft der Hochzeits– geschenke in der Wohnung der Braut
Scene in the Suburbs of Tinghae / Scene in der Umgegend von Tinghae
The Fortress of Terror, Tinghai / Schreckens-Festung, Ting-hai
The Grand Temple at Pootoo, Chusan Islands
Dice-Players near Amoy
Junks passing an inclined plane on the Imperial Canal / Böte welche einen Abhang hinunter fahren auf dem kaiserlichen Kanal
Ancient Tombs near Amoy / Alte Grabmäler bei Amoy
Pagoda and Village on the Canal near Canton / Pagode und Dorf am Canal bei Canton
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