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Punishment of the Tcha or Cangue, Tinghai
Punishment of the Tcha or Cangue, Tinghai
Punishment of the Tcha or Cangue, Tinghai
Völkerkunde / China.

“Punishment of the Tcha or Cangue, Ting-hai”.

(Sträfling im Halseisen).
Stahlstich von G.Paterson nach Thomas Allom (1804–1872).
Aus: G.N.Wright,...
A Mandarin paying a visit of Ceremony / Ein Mandarin, der einen förmlichen Besuch abstattet
The Pria Grande, Macao
The Kilns at Kingtan / Die Ziegelhütten zu Kingtan
Hall of Audience, Palace of Yuenmin– Yuen
Punishment of the Bastinade
Canton Bargemen, fighting Quails
Altarpiece in the Yun Stzoo-Stzee Temple, Ting-hai
Sowing Rice at Soochowfoo (Province of Kiangsi
An Itinerant Barber / Ein herumziehender Barbier
Competition Drawing for the Manchester Town Hall
The culture and preparation of Tea
Temple of Buddha, Canton
Raree-Show at Lin-Sin-Choo
An Itinerant Doctor at Tiensing
Scene from the Spectacle The Sun and Moon / Scene im Schauspiel Die Sonne und der Mond
Pavilion and Gardens of a Mandarin near Peking
Rice-Sellers at the Military Station of Ton-Chang-foo
Drying and Winding Silk / Färben und Haspeln der Seide
Marriage Procession at the Blue-Cloud Creek, Chin-keang-foo / Feierlicher Auf– zug bei einer Hochzeit.
Festival of the Dragon-Boat, 5th Day of 5th Moon / Fest des Drachenboots 5ten Tag des 5ten Monats
Sacrifice of the Chungtswe-Tsee, or Harvest Moon / Sacrifice du zhongqiujie, ou fête de la mi-automne (Fête de la Lune)
Propitiatory Offerings for departed Relatives / Versöhnungsopfer für hingeschiedene Verwandte
An Itinerant Doctor at Tiensing
Picturesque Sketches in Spain: Title Page
Dinner Party at a Mandarin’s House
Jugglers exhibiting in the Court of a Mandarin’s Palace / Prestidigitateurs à la cour d’un mandarin
Entrance into the City of Amoy
Showroom of a Lantern Merchant at Peking. / Musterzimmer eines Laternenhändlers in Peking
City of Ningpo from the River
The Feast of Lanterns
The Tungting-Shan
The Imperial Travelling Palace at the Hookewshan
Tseih-Sing-Yen, or The seven star Mountains
Pavilion of the Star of Hope, Teng– Chouw
City of Amoy, from the Tombs / Stadt Amoy, von den Grabmälern gesehen
The Bridge of Nanking / Die Brücke zu Nanking
Amoy, from Kolongsoo / Amoy, von Kolongsoo gesehen
Nanking from the Porcelain Tower / Nanking, von dem Porzellan-Turm ge– sehen
Arrival of Marriage Presents at the bridal residence / Ankunft der Hochzeits– geschenke in der Wohnung der Braut
Scene in the Suburbs of Tinghae / Scene in der Umgegend von Tinghae
The Fortress of Terror, Tinghai / Schreckens-Festung, Ting-hai
The Grand Temple at Pootoo, Chusan Islands
Dice-Players near Amoy
Junks passing an inclined plane on the Imperial Canal / Böte welche einen Abhang hinunter fahren auf dem kaiserlichen Kanal
Ancient Tombs near Amoy / Alte Grabmäler bei Amoy
Pagoda and Village on the Canal near Canton / Pagode und Dorf am Canal bei Canton
Landing Place and Entrance to the Temple of Honan / Landungs Platz und Eingang zum Tempel Honan
Entrance oft the Hoangho, or Yellow River
The Cataract of Shih-Tan (Province of Kiang-Nan
Gardens of the Imperial Palace, Peking
Ancient Bridge, Chapoo
Melon Islands and Irregating Wheel
West Gate of Chin-Kiang-Foo
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