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Studentenunruhen München 1848
Revolution 1848/49 in Bayern.
Studentenunruhen in München, nach der Schließung der Universität im Februar 1848, und Stürmung des Zeughauses.

Prinz Karl von Bayern...
The Happy Return of Grand Duke Leopold of Baden
Das deutsche Volk, vorgeführt von seinem Dresseur Knutowski
Attack on the papal palace in Rome on 16 November 1848
Hecker and the revolutionaries 1848
Buergerwehr Parade in Karlsruhe in the Presence Grand Duke Leopold
First Schleswig War / Danish Victory at Bau
The Styrian Prince
Hommes politiques à l’Oysterhouse
Protection of German Workers
Crusaders in Mourning  on the Ruins of  the  Waldeck Trial
Baron Anton von Doblhoff-Dier
Battle between the Palermotians and royal troops on 13 Janu
Dragoons Attacking Unarmed People
Fighting at a Barricade on Alexander Square, Berlin
Tirs au Faubourg Saint-Antoine à Paris le 25 juin 1848.
The Storming of the Zeughaus, Berlin
March 1848 Dresden Uprising
The Military in Dresden 1848
Destruction of Houses in Vienna
Imperial troops march towards the civilian brigade and and
Patrouille of the Vienna National Guard on 14th March.
Dissolution of the Prussian National Assembly
The deputees of the Prussian National Assembly on 3.11.1848 with the king…
Storming of the Berlin Zeughaus
Berlin Zeughaus Siege
Workers at the Magistrates
Contributions modérées pour la Silésie
Workers at a City Council Meeting
Honved grieving
Windischgraetz bombards Prague in June 1848
Allegory of the Suppression of the 1848 Revolution
Hongrois rentrant de la guerre austro-hongroise
Frei und Einig! Erinnerung an den 18. u. 19. März 1848. Allen freien Deutschen gewidmet
Brothers, Hold Fast to Freedom and Justice
Captain Lipp at the Battle of Dossenbach
Angry Attack by Republicans
Execution of Valentin Steuber on 11th October 1849
Unrest in Biberach 1848
Mathilde Franzsika Anneke à cheval
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