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Josef Stalin. 1893
Reproduction of a photo of 1893. Josef Stalin (born Dzhugashvili).
Portrait of J.V.Stalin
Portrait of J.V.Stalin
J.W.Stalin giving a speech on 7th November 1941
Long live the People – the Great Stalin – the Constitution
For the Homeland! For Stalin! (Za Rodinu! Za Stalina!)
Glory of the Great Stalin
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The Death of Stalin - 2018 in the cinema
A film that in the eyes of Russian politics is a "misplaced pseudocomedy" and "defiles the memory of the victor over fascism". Stalin's rehabilitation has been going on for several years now, and in Russia it is again acceptable to worship Stalin. The screening of the film was prohibited.

The plot is limited to the time around Stalin's death and the immediate fight for his succession. The members of the dictator's "inner circle" reached for the power that Nikita Khrushchev is known to have inherited.