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Hands of God / fr. Triptych St. Aignan/C13?
13th century.

Hands of God.

Detail from the triptych of Saint –
Aignan, closed state.
Copper, gilded, enamelled.

Chartres, Cathedral, Treasury.
Study of the apostle’s hands
Cupid and Psyche
Napoleon’s Coronation
Calling of St. Matthew
The Libyan Sibyl
Bathsheba Receiving King David’s Letter
Garden with Sunflowers
Marie Antoinette as Hebe
L’apparition du Christ à la Madeleine
Allegory of Emperor Charles V as master of the world.
Raising of Theophilus’ son from the dead.
La Pucelle!, Jeanne d’Arc a la tete de son armee
Don Pedro de Tolede baisant l’epee de Henri IV
Beethoven Frieze
Sower at Sunset
Portrait of Joseph Roulin
Sprig of Flowering Almond Blossom in a Glass
Fakultaetsbild ‘Medizin’
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