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Doll / Photo, c. 1930, by Paul Wolff.
Toys / Dolls:


Photo, c. 1930, by Paul Wolff.

Print: 23.3 x 17.4 cm
Still life with skull, cut-out photograph of a boy on the day of his First Communion, and female torso
Spook I / Spuk I
Haunted House
The washerwomen of the night
Einsames Haus am Kiefernwald
The Lights Across the Water
Railroad Crossing
Moonlit Landscape
Willow Trees by Night
Church Interior
La Gouffre
A Wet Night at Piccadilly Circus
Madame La Mort
Portrait of a cat
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Halloween has well and truly arrived whether we like it or not.
We all like to scare ourselves a little bit, though, and we have plenty of images to give us goosebumps: from lonely houses to dark streets, from demonic dolls to black cats as well as pumpkins and skeletons.
Happy Halloween!