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Portrait of Three
Portrait of Three
Portrait of Three
Nussbaum, Felix,
1904–murdered in Auschwitz 1944,
German painter

“Dreierporträt” (Portrait of three), c.1943.

Self-Portrait with Jewish Identity Card
The Prison Camp
Self-Portrait in his Studio
Gefangene in Saint-Cyprien (3)
Pearls (Grieving Woman) (2)
Grieving Couple
The Secret
Jew by the Window
Two Jews (Interior of  Osnabrück Synagogue)
Wailing Women
Self-Portrait in a Burial Shroud (Group Portrait)
The Banished
Jaqui in the Street
The Damned (2)
The Refugees (European Version)
View of a Street
Organ Grinder
The Fishwife
Self-Portrait with Green Hat
Skeletons Play Dance Music (3)
Forest of Masts
Self-portrait with Dishcloth
The Mad Square
Self-Portrait at the Easel
Memories of Norderney
Man with Flower (Art Model in the Studio)
Still lLife with Umbrella
Organ Grinder
The Funeral
Still Life with Barred Window
Self-Portrait with Hat
Cycle Race Winner II
Rural Postman
Selfr-Portrait with Scabiosa
Masks and Cats (Artist with Mask and Cat)
Painter in his Studio
Group Portrait
Three Women (Melancholia)
Self-Portrait in the Camp
The Wandering Jew (Wanderer in the Mountains)
Two German Painters, Felix Nussbaum, Max Liebermann
Two German painters, Felix Nussbaum, Max Liebermann
Lower Saxony
Lower Saxony
Lower Saxony
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Felix Nussbaum (1904 – 1944)
The painter Felix Nussbaum, born on December 11, 1904 in Osnabrück, died after 20 September 1944 in Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

Most of his works he lost in 1932 by arson. Already in 1933 he left Germany because of the beginning of the persecution of Jews by the National Socialists.

From 1940 he hid in Brussels and was after the denunciation with his wife, the Polish painter Felka Platek (* 03.01.1899 in Warsaw – 02.08.1944 murdered in the Auschwitz concentration camp) and 562 other Jews with one of the last transports to the concentration camp Auschwitz deported where he and his wife arrived on 2 August 1944. He was led as a camp inmate and probably died before the liberation of the camp (January 27, 1945).