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Paris / Mai 68 / Daniel Cohn-Bendit.
Evénements de Mai 68. Manifestation d’étudiants et grève générale, milieu mai à Paris.
– Daniel Cohn-Bendit (à dr., leader du mouvement du 22 mars)
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Daniel Cohn-Bendit / Paris / Mai 68 / Manifestation 13 mai
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Daniel Cohn-Bendit
Daniel Cohn-Bendit became famous as a prominent speaker and leader of May 1968.
He was born on 4 April 1945 in Montauban/France as a child of German-Jewish emigrants. In the 1950s the family returned to Germany.
In 1965 Cohn-Bendit moved back to France. He studied sociology at the University of Nanterre, began to politicise and became active in the emerging French student movement. He quickly became its face and voice.
After his expulsion, better re-entry ban, which endured 10 years, he settled in Frankfurt am Main. He was a member of the Frankfurt Mao-Spontex and later became a member of the newly founded The Green Party. For them, the former provocateur and entfant terrible moved to the European Parliament.
In 2014, Daniel Cohn-Bendit withdrew from active politics and is now mainly active as a publicist.