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Erasmus of Rotterdam / by Holbein.
Erasmus of Rotterdam; Dutch humanist,
philologist and theologian.
Rotterdam 28.10.1466 or 1469 – Basel 12.7.1536.


Painting, 1523, by Hans Holbein the...
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Belshazzar's Feast
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Calligraphy and Handwriting
It is often believed that one's handwriting reflects one's personality. Long before the arrival of computer keyboards and mobile phones, mankind has expressed their thoughts in writing by picking up a pen and scribbling or carefully crafting words on a variety of surfaces.

Calligraphy represents an art form known to several cultures that has at its centre the skillful representation of beautiful letters. From Chinese script to Arabic writing and Medieval scripts, they are seen as works of art in their own right.

Up until recent times, handwritten letters were one of people's primary ways of communication. Nowadays, with emails and text messages having taken over, receiving an actual letter is a joy we only rarely experience.

Let's therefore celebrate the art of quill with this selection of images of all things written.