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Venedig, Markusplatz bei Hochwasser
Venedig / Venezia (Veneto, Italien),
Markusplatz / Piazza di San Marco.

Der Markusplatz bei Hochwasser (Acqua alta): im Hintergrund die Markuskirche.

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L’inondation (Die Überschwemmung)
Floods in St. Petersburg
Hochwasser am Niederrhein
La Barque pendant l’inondation, Port-Marly
Le Quai de la Rapée - inondation de Paris
Inondations au Pont Saint-Michel
Vienna Flood of 1830,  Jägerzeile on 2nd March
Crue de la Seine. Paris 2016
Crue de la Seine. Paris 2016
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Flood water
Autumn 2019: Venice is currently in a state of emergency. Within two hours the flood reached its highest level in over 50 years.

But not only Venice is regularly swamped, other "water cities" are also frequently affected by floods and their consequences. This makes a working flood protection system even more important. And this is now precisely what is being harshly criticised in Venice. An artificial embankment (Moses) planned since 2003 to protect the lagoon city is still not in operation, mainly due to serious corruption.

And it is doubted whether Moses will be able to save Venice and its art treasures from destruction in the end. Climate change is the other reason for the increase of flood disasters.