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Le Pauvre Poète
Le Pauvre Poète
Le Pauvre Poète
Spitzweg, Carl 1808–1885.

“Le Pauvre Poète”, 1839.

(Reprise par l’auteur de la peinture de Berlin, SMPK, Nationalgalerie).
Huile sur toile, H. 0,362 ; L. 0,446.
The Towpath
Feeding the Hungry after the Lord Mayor’s Banquet, Interior
The rich spendthrift
Raboteurs de Parquet
Kinder in einer Tageserholungsstätte im Grunewald
Fußabdruck Erde
appareil de forage
sur 5
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People & Society
Man as a social being is defined in relation to his environment. This means, every society has different values and patterns of order, but without other people, without a counterpart, the individual would not know that he or she exists.