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Bird of paradise
Bird of paradise
Bird of paradise
Wehme, Zacharias c. 1558 – 1606.

“Bird of paradise”,

Dresden, Staatliches Kupferstichkabinett.
Der Ausbruch des Vesuvs am 14. Mai 1771
Le vase vert
Heroische Landschaft mit Regenbogen
Gebirgslandschaft mit Regenbogen
Le Watzmann
Nature morte aux fruits
Rosenstrauß mit blauem Falter
Blumenbachia hieronymi
Nigella Damascena Spinnenkopf
Horse and Cart with Men Digging I
Black Brown Horse and Yellow Cow
Trombe marine
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Nature means everything that was not created by human hands. These include both animate objects (plants, animals, bacteria) and inanimate objects (stars, stones, water). The category nature also includes events such as rain, volcanic eruptions or earthquakes.