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Klee, Paul 1879–1940.

“Eros”, 1923.115.

Aquarelle, gouache et crayon sur papier, découpé et recomposé, bordure du bas à l'aquarelle et à la plume, reste de la...
Three Flowers
Auf eine Scizze aus Sidibusaid zurückgreifend
Figure in Garden
Mildtropische Landschaft
Camel (in rhythmic landscape with trees)
This Star Teaches us to Bow
Blick auf Rot
Harmony in blue=orange
St Germain near Tunis
Rote und wei~e Kuppeln
Drei weiße Glockenblumen
Movement of Vaulted Chambers
Abenteurer zur See
Kindheit des Erwählten
Winter's Day just Before Noon
Dans les maisons de Saint-Germain
Saint-Germain de Tunis
La fête des asters
Indian Flower Garden
Temple rocheux avec sapins
Nördlicher Ort
ein Paar Götter
Vue de Saint-Germain
Maisons avec chemins en escaliers
Rocks at Night
Choral und Landschaft
Der goldene Fisch
Höhlen ausblick
St. Germain Beach at Tunis
Blanc polyphonique
Highways & Byways
Städtebild (rot-grüne Accente)
Garten in der Ebene II (mit dem Gartenhäuschen)
Landscape with setting sun
Villa R.
Sicily near S. Andrea
The Bavarian Don Giovanni
Sans titre
Untitled (Crowned Poet)
Untitled (Ghost of a Scarecrow)
Untitled (self-portrait)
Botschaft des Luftgeistes
Überladener Teufel
sur 2
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Paul Klee (1879 - 1940)
Paul Klee, 18 December 1879 – 29 June 1940,
Swiss German artist with a highly individual style who was influenced by movements in art that included Expressionism, Cubism and Surrealism.

He generally worked in isolation from his peers, and interpreted new art trends in his own way and was inventive in his methods and technique. Klee worked in many different media—oil paint, watercolor, ink, pastel, etching, and others and often combined them into one work.
He also used a great variety of colour palettes from nearly monochromatic to highly polychromatic. Klee once said:
"Colour possesses me. I don't have to pursue it. It will possess me always, I know it. It gives meaning to my happiest hours: Colour and I are one. I am a painter".

29th June 2025 - 85 since the death of Paul Klee.