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Dessau (Saxe-Anhalt), “Maisons de Maîtres” (Meisterhäuser),
Ebertallee 63 (constr. 1926–28 ; arch. : Walter Gropius).

Maison Klee / Kandinsky : vue du nord.

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Masters' Houses Dessau
In 1925, the Bauhaus relocated from Weimar to Dessau. During negotiations with the city of Dessau, the Bauhaus's director Walter Gropius was assigned commissions for the construction of a school building, as well as three semi-detached houses and a detached house for the Bauhaus masters.

Since the majority of Weimar masters followed Gropius to Dessau, the so-called "Masters' Houses" soon became Modernity's most important artists’ colony. Five of the seven Masters' Houses remain to this day: The Kandinsky/Klee House, the Muche/Schlemmer House and the Feininger House. Both the Moholy-Nagy House and the Gropius House have since been destroyed.

The Bauhaus building and the Masters’ Houses have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996.

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