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Songzanlin, monastère, Mongol et tigre
Songzanlin (préfecture autonome tibétaine de Diqing, Yunnan, Chine), monastère (fondé en 1679).

Détail d’une peinture : Mongol conduisant un tigre au bout d’une...
Etude de tigre vers la droite
Deux tigres dans leur antre près d’un cheval mort
Le Tigre
Songs of Innocence and Experience
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Panthera tigris

They are a symbol of power, strength and bravery, sneak through advertising and are feedstock for snake oils. In zoos the striped big cats are darlings of the public, in the wild they are hounded by poachers. Tigers are treated badly. Besides poaching, the destruction of their habitat decimated the number of specimens. WWF warns on 29 July, The International Day of the Tiger, that wild tigers are on the brink of extinction in some countries.
In the early 20th century there lived about 100,000 animals worldwide. Five years ago, lived only 3,200 tigers in the wild.