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Cézanne, Paul ; 1839–1906.

“Les Baigneurs”, 1890/92.

Huile sur toile, H. 0,60 ; L. 0,82.

R.F. 1965–3
Paris, Musée d’Orsay.
Nature morte au crâne
Portrait de l’artiste
Pyramide de crânes
Portrait de Cézanne
Portrait de Cézanne à la casquette
Autoportrait au chapeau melon
Cézanne au chapeau melon (esquisse)
Portrait de Madame Cézanne
Madame Cézanne en robe rayée
Portrait de Madame Cézanne
Portrait de Madame Cézanne
Portrait de Madame Cézanne
Portrait de Madame Cézanne
Madame Cézanne au fauteuil jaune
Portrait de Madame Cézanne
Madame Cézanne en rouge
Madame Cézanne assise
Esquisse pour un portrait du fils de l’artiste
Paul Cézanne, fils de l’artiste
Le fils de l’artiste
Portrait of Paul Cézanne Jr.
Garçon assis
Portrait de Chocquet
Portrait de Chocquet
Portrait de Valabrègue
Portrait du peintre Alfred Hauge
Les toits
Pastorale ou Idylle
Les baigneurs au repos
Trois baigneuses
Les cinq baigneurs
Baigneur assis au bord de l’eau
Cinq baigneuses
Les trois baigneuses
Le bain
Baigneuse debout, les bras croisés derrière la nuque
Baigneuses devant la tente
Quatre baigneuses
Les grandes baigneuses
Sept baigneurs
Les Grandes Baigneuses
Le Jardin de Lauves
Le Verger
Crâne et chandelier
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Paul Cézanne (1839 - 1906)
Cézanne's complete oeuvre can be classified in different styles. While his early works were still characterized by Romanticism and Realism, his later works developed a new visual language by focusing on impressionistic color space and color modulation principles.

His paintings, however, were characterized by a stringent geometric composition, which mostly caused a lack of understanding among art critics. During his lifetime, Cézanne was mainly supported by some colleagues such as Pissarro, Manet and Renoir as well as the gallery owner Ambroise Vollard.

His influence was vital for some of the most important art styles of the 20th century, such as Cubism, Fauvism and Constructivism. This makes Cézanne and his works one of the pioneers of Modern Art.