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Cosimo III de’ Medici, coat of arms / textiles
Cosimo III de’ Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany (1670–1723). 1642–1723.

Coat of arms symolising the Medici-Orleans alliance.

(Cosimo III’s coat of arms and that of...
Dedication to Don Lorenzo Medici
The Wedding by Proxy of Princess Marie de’Medici and King Henry IV of France
Die Vermählung der Prinzessin Maria von Medici per procurat
Portrait de Marie de Médicis
Portrait de Bia de Médicis
"Marie de' Medici in Jülich"
Hommage des ambassadeurs à Laurent de Médicis
Maria de Medici’s marriage by proxy with Henry IV of France
Mariage de Catherine de Médicis avec Henri, duc d’Orléans
View of the Villa Medici in Rome
Le pape Léon X et les cardinaux Luigi Rosso et Giulio de Me
Journey of the Three Magi
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The House of Medici
The House of Medici, founded by Cosimo de Medici, brought forth four popes, two Queens of France and the Medici Bank. No doubt the dynasty played its part in making Renaissance Italy the hub of art and power for which it is still known today. We take a glimpse at their family album.