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2e G. M. / Siège de Léningrad.
2e G. M.

URSS, 1941–4 5 : Siège de Léningrad par l’armée allemande, hiver 1941–42.

Fuite des habitants après un bombardement sur la ville.
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Siege of Leningrad (1941-1944 )
900 days blockade of Leningrad

September 8, 1941 - January 27, 1944

During the Second World War, Leningrad (today again St. Petersburg) was included by the German Army Group North from 1941 to 1944. According to estimates, by the Leningrad blockade about 1.1 million inhabitants of the city lost their lives as a result of hunger, disease and shelling from the front line.

The siege of Leningrad by troops of the Army Group North with the aim of systematically starving the population is considered one of the greatest war crimes of the Wehrmacht in the war against the Soviet Union.

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