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running machine
running machine
running machine
Drais, Karl, until 1849 baron of Sauerbronn; chief forester of Baden.
invented the Laufmaschine (“running machine”), later called Draisine;
Karlsruhe 29.4.1785 –...
Das Laufrad des Freiherrn Carl von Drais
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June 2017: 200 years since the invention of the "dandy horse"
June 2017 marks 200 years since the invention of the "dandy horse":

In 1817, Karl Drais (German inventor; 29 April 1785 – 10 December 1851) invented and tested his 'Laufmaschine' ("running machine"), which later became known as the 'velocipede', 'draisine' or 'dandy horse'.

The dandy horse was a human-powered vehicle that became the first means of transport to make use of the two-wheeler principle. It is therefore regarded as the forerunner of the modern bicycle.