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The Mycenaean culture was a culture of wealth, not only in history, not only with heroís, but in their life-style also. Here is a collection from the ancient site...
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John Hios
Greek photographer John Hios has been working behind a camera since 1974. having studied a wide variety of subjects, from Mass Media, Propaganda and Photography in New York to Archaeology at the British Archaeological Institute, as well as a period as a Master Offset Pressman in the United States, gaining a good understanding of the printing business.

Although he has a particular interest in photographing the Classical past of Greece, especially in black and white, the photographer has also worked freelance for a number of well-known advertising agencies. He has also contributed to a number of books, including works on Byzantine Art and Greek Art and Archaeology.

Hios loves to take photographs with a 1935 Leica C camera, as well as a panoramic camera which he built by hand. akg-images is proud to represent John Hios worldwide.