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Zum 60. Geburtstag
Zum 60. Geburtstag
Zum 60. Geburtstag
Bismarck, Otto von; Statesman; 1815–98.

“Zum 60. Geburtstag”. (For the 60. birthday).

Bismarck, as German Hercules, carries the weight of the world on his back.

Figure 60: Fright
Pllate 60 from 'Los Caprichos': Trials (Ensayos.)
5. XI. 60, 19.09–19.36 h
La Pratique de l'Aiguille, page 60 (recto)
Costume Design for 'Seventh Ballet Girl (French) Aged 60'
Portrait of George II (reigned 1727–60)
Bedroom Painting # 60
Self Portrait at approximately 60 years of age
Les Singuliers et Nouveaux Portraicts... page 60 (recto)
Section of a Palace (Probably of the Building in Accession Numbers 60.632.62 and 60.632.64)
Travel and pocket chemist set with 60 remedies, open / clos
Plan (Probably of the Building in Accession Number 60.632.62)
Portrait of Jacob Gerritsz van der Mij (1559/60-1635?)
Rotor d'acier moulé pour Belfort poids 60.000 kgs
Corona delle Nobili et Virtuose Donne: Libro I-IV, page 60 (recto)
King George II (1683–1727, reigned 1727–60)
Dery. Louis. 60 ans, né à Cobugny (Nièvre). Cordonnier. Anarchiste. 9/3/94.
Gauche. Henri. 24 ans, né le 7/2/60 à Paris. Rentier. Anarchiste.
The Source of the Arvaron in the Valley of Chamouni, Savoy (Liber Studiorum, part XII, plate 60)
Unlabeled Plan of the Tempio della Speranza (same Building as Accession Number 60.632.44)
sur 1411
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